More Than Just A Shop
Using our Creative background, We are able to offer a number of services to make your space shine!
Dried Flower Arrangements

There's nothing better than a flower that never dies.

Whether it be for a special event or just to liven up your space.

We can create an arrangement just for you!

Custom Rugs

Partnering with Temidra's textile company Vivid Blueprint, Tanya, and Temidra collaborate to create a customizable rug. Choose a design from our print library or have a new design created specifically for your home.


One of Hidden Gem's top items is our handmade surfboards, from life-sized to ultra mini. Customize your art by picking the size, and color scheme!

Interior Decorating

It's all about the vibe. We'll decorate your space with some finishing touches from rugs to the artwork. We'll pull some of our best pieces to fit your space.